Flow of Life  - Meditation, Embodied Spirituality, Holistic Healing
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 I hope you enjoy discovering the range of Holistic Therapies, Meditation practices and Programs for the Soul. 

With a heart centered approach, my aim is to help bring greater integration of your whole self~ body, mind, heart and soul, where you find relaxation, a deeper connection to yourself and movement toward greater healing. 

All of the services offered honour the body as sacred, to be respected, cared for and listened to. 

 We also validate and work with the emotions, seeing them as teachers, bringing deeper understanding ~ needing expression to flow through us, to facilitate healing. 
 ( 'Feel it to heal it'.)

We explore the power of mindful attention to the present moment, deepening awareness of the world around us, where we more fully experience the wonders and beauty of life. 

This includes our connection to the natural world, the elements and seasons, the subtle yet powerful energies of Nature which can help bring a sense of restoration and enhance the healing process.


* Harmony of Being Meditation

* The Healing Energies of Music & Sound

* Music for Peace ('cello & singing bowls for palliative care and for funerals.)

* Art & Soul

* Sacred Dance

* Poetry to Deepen Life 

* Your Body~ Your Beautiful Temple. 


A personalised choice to suit your needs.

* Aroma Relax Massage
* Energy Healing : Reiki and Pranic Healing
* Flower Essences
* Sound Therapy
* Aromatherapy Facials
* Sweet Feet Treat

With a variety of offerings to choose from, I hope you'll find something to fulfill your needs.
 Look around the website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to make contact . Thank you. 

Email: divinebreathing@gmail.com


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