Flow of Life  - Meditation, Embodied Spirituality, Holistic Healing


*  in the comfort of your own home

* as part of a retreat program or reflection day

* small group Pampering Parties with treatments of your choice.

Energy Flow Massage 

A deeply relaxing holistic experience. Blending together Relaxation Massage with the subtle energies of Aromatherapy, Flower Essences and Reiki Energy Healing. A beautiful treatment for the whole self. 

Cost : $80 ~ 1 hour     $100 ~ 90 min

Reiki Energy Healing

The gentle flow of Reiki energy helps the body to relax deeply, allowing the energy centres of the body (known as Chakras) to come into greater balance & harmony, releasing held tensions, freeing blockages, energising or calming ~ leaving the client feeling clearer & lighter.  

Cost: $70 ~ 1 hour

Aromatherapy Facial 

Using only natural plant based products, this relaxing facial treatment includes a deep cleansing of the skin with Cream Cleanser, followed by an Exfoliation, Aromatic compress, Essential Oil massage, French Clay Mask and Moisturiser containing essential oils especially chosen for your skin type. 

$75 ~ Pampering Facial, full treatment 1 hour  
$50  Deep Cleanse Facial 40 mins (without massage)

Hand & Foot Treatments

Hand Restore
Aromatic soak, exfoliation and 
Aromatherapy massage.
Leaves the hands baby soft, and deeply nourished.
Cost: $35   30 mins

Foot Restore 
Aromatic soak, exfoliation, heel file, and Aromatherapy massage
Smooth, sweet feet really is a treat! 

Cost: $35   30 mins


Express manicure: nail shape, cuticle tidy, 
buff & polish
Cost: $40  30 mins 

Pamper Manicure: hand soak,nail shape, cuticle care, buff, Aromatherapy massage, polish
Cost: $50   45 mins


Express Pedicure: foot soak, nail shape, cuticle tidy, buff & polish
Cost: $45  40 mins

Pamper Pedicure: foot soak, exfoliation, nail shape, cuticle care, buff, Aromatherapy massage,
Cost: $60   1 hour 



All of the products used for facials, massage, and hand & foot treatments contain natural plant based ingredients : 
Herbal, Fruit & Seed extracts ( Grapefruit seed, Rosemary extract ), Butters ( Shea & Cocoa ), Apricot Kernel oil, Wheatgerm oil, Vegetable Glycerin, Coconut Triglycerides & Natural Vitamin E. 
Approved by the TGA  ( Therapeutics Goods Act).

They contain no additives, harsh chemicals  phosphates or parabens. 

A natural cream cleanser with added Organic Olive Oil, gentle on all skin types, it deeply cleanses the skin without stripping the protective acid mantle. 

A blend of natural oils & cream lotion with cornmeal & grapefruit essential oil to effectively remove dead skin cells, leaving the skin exceptionally smooth and soft.

Clay masks help to draw out impurities and toxins from the skin which can accumulate from the environment, pollution and chemical products. 

They help to refine the skin and balance the oil production from the sebaceous glands, soothe irritated sensitive skin and nourish dry & mature skin. 

Floral waters are added to the clay just before using, to provide an excellent facial mask suitable for your skin type.

 Green Clay ~ the most deeply cleansing clay that draws out impurities & also soothes the skin. Can be used on the body as well as the face.

White Clay ~ suitable for sensitive skin and dry skin, it deeply cleanses & helps to refine the pores.

Red Clay ~ this is an oilier clay, and most suitable on the face. It can be used under the eye area to help improve the appearance of dark circles & puffiness.

Pink Clay ~ for all skin types, but especially suitable for sensitive, dehydrated, fragile or mature skin types, it soothes and refines the skin.

Yellow Clay ~ especially good for sun damaged skin and sensitive skin, it helps repair & regenerate new skin cells.  


FLORAL WATERS ~ to tone & refresh

Rose Water ~ for all skin types, especially sensitive or mature skin types.

Orange Flower Water ~ helps to balance oily skin.

Roman Chamomile Flower Water~ soothes sensitive skin


Apricot Facial Oil ~ a lighter oil for the face with the added nourishment of :
Sandalwood, Rose & Frankincense Essential Oils.

 Avocado Facial Oil ~ a richer oil for the mature face with the added benefits of :
Lavender, Sandalwood & Jasmine Essential Oils.

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