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A beautiful massage experience, with hot towels and a personally chosen blend of Aromatherapy essential oils to help you drift off into deep relaxation. Feel tensions drain away as your body lets go and your mind slows down.  
 Float home feeling deeply nurtured, relaxed and restored.

Comments from clients:  "divine",  "cloud nine", "heavenly'.

Choose from:
1/2 hour, 1 hour or 1.5 hours


Everything in the Universe has vibrational resonance.
We are all vibrational beings and our bodies have
a natural tendency to want to heal and
come into balance & wellbeing. 

When we feel unwell or out of balance it helps to stop and rest to allow the power of the body's natural healing ability to do its work, or to address issues of diet, stress, relationship concerns and lifestyle.

 It can also help greatly to boost the healing process by placing ourselves in an environment of subtle healing energies that can help nudge us back "in tune" with ourselves. 

Everyone experiences this boost to their body and energy field differently ~ 
Some respond more to music, 
some to meditation and imagery,
 or aromatherapy, massage, flower essences,
being in nature, or hands on energy healing. 

I offer a range of Holistic Therapies for you to choose from in
a combination to suit your needs, to help boost your healing process: 

~ Reiki & Pranic Healing  
~ Guided Imagery Meditation

~ Music & Sound Healing
~ Flower Essence Therapy 

~ Massage & Aromatherapy 

Choose from:
1 hour, 1.5 hours or 2 hour sessions. 


Using only natural botanical products, Aromatherapy essential oils, floral waters, herbal & fruit ingredients, experience a beautiful facial treatment that deeply cleanses and nourishes your skin. 
Including massage of arms, hands, head,neck & shoulders, to deeply relax, nourish and pamper.

Choose from: 
30 min or 1 hour facial. 


Treat your tired hard working feet to a relaxing hot aromatic soak, exfoliation, and moisturising massage. Special attention is paid to the heels, and other areas needing softening and soothing. Finish with a special Healing Foot Balm to leave your feet soft and smelling sweet ! 
A lovely treatment for those who spend lots of time on their feet, or for an elderly person who can no longer reach their feet and need some care & pampering. 

Longer treatment also available to include :
Nail care, cuticle care and polish (optional) 
Choose from:
30 min
1 hr Pampered Pedicure package. 

Treat yourself, or someone you love to a nurturing & healing session, tailored to suit your needs. 

Gift Vouchers are available.

Email: divinebreathing@gmail.com

Mobile: 0423 785 670



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