Flow of Life  - Meditation, Embodied Spirituality, Holistic Healing
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FLOW OF LIFE  is dedicated to Embodied Spirituality Programs, Holistic Meditation and Healing services.
With a heart centered approach, we aim to help you experience an integration of your whole self ~ body, mind, heart & soul.

All our programs celebrate the body as Sacred, to be honoured, respected, cared for & listened to. 

We explore & delight in the senses, the mindfulness of breathing, the wonder of movement, the beauty of Nature and the power of the creative spirit within us all. 

A variety of meditation techniques are offered to help you find what works best for you : 
 Stillness, Breathwork, Guided Imagery, Visualisation, Music & Singing Bowls, Art, Poetry, Observations of Nature, and Movement influenced by Yoga, Chi Qong and Dance. 
 Something for everyone.


We offer individual Holistic Body Care treatments including :

Energy Flow Massage
Reiki Energy Healing
Aromatherapy Facials
Hand & Foot Treatments

With a variety of offerings to choose from, we hope you'll find something to fulfill your needs.
 Look around the website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to make contact .

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